Nipsey Hussle has been pronounced dead. Stories are starting run through the internet some say that Nipsey got killed by a member of his own crew. It was a set up with a getaway driver. The motive is being described as “regular street shit.” 

The police have classified it as “gang-related.”This would be there typical thought but in this case I believe it’s more to it. Nipsey was a great artist, strategist business owner who wanted to help his community by employment and empowerment. Nip purchased the strip mall in Crenshaw that housed his Marathon Clothing store. Outside of the plaza and Vector 90, Hussle was looking to make more real estate investments. Hussle also launched a co-working space and STEM program in his hometown.

To some today is just a normal day but for the soul of our hiphop culture we are devastated on the lost of Nipsey Hussle.

For more updates don’t come here I think we’ve said enough until anymore truth exist with that being said the Marathon continues