Back in 2018, Arizona prison inmate Edward Lee Jones sued after guards confiscated six CDs he had ordered, including Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and The Weeknd.

Jones argued that the enforcements state’s prison policy against explicit material unfairly targeted Hip Hop and R&B, while books on the Aryan brotherhood were allowed.

A lower court rejected Jones’s argument. But his week, the US Court of Appeals ruled there may be something to it.

“There is a material question of fact here — whether ADC selectively enforces [the policy] against disfavored expression, rap and R&B musical genres,” the court wrote. “The district court should not have granted summary judgment.”

This doesn’t mean Jones has won his case. Instead, it will be kicked back down to the district court to reconsider.

The Hip Hop culture is king, when listening our influence is just a coping mechanism for a normal feeling. Reconciliation is definitely needed in favor of Edward Lee Jones. Some may never understand the energy!