Killer Mike is still on a victory lap following a clean sweep at the recent Grammy Awards, and on Monday that tour placed him on a panel at The View.

The Mogul , 48, said he was “overwhelmed” after winning three awards during the pre-Grammys telecast, including trophies for best rap song, performance and album. Killer Mike, whose real name is Michael Santiago Render, then encouraged viewers to keep their dreams alive.


You have to keep whatever 9-year-old, 12-year-old, 15-year-old that is in your head, keep that child alive,” he said. “No matter what you see in the mirror, you’re still that child and your imagination has to be bigger than the room, bigger than the building, bigger than the sky because if you keep your imagination alive, everything is possible. When you limit your imagination, nothing becomes as possible as it could be.”

It was an incident that happened not long after though his celebrations were cut short, with the music maker handcuffed and escorted out of Arena by officers from the Los Angeles Police Department, he told GQ in an interview published Thursday that he used his time while detained in conversation with his higher power.