Kirshnik Khari Ball, died after a shooting early on a Tuesday outside of a bowling alley in Houston.

Though Takeoff was more reserved in public and not quite as visible a celebrity as fellow Migos Quavo and Offset, his rapping was as outspoken as it gets, undeniably relentless and deceptively complex, the product of an analytical mind. In many ways, he was the group’s anchor: While Quavo brought a talent for flashy hooks, and Offset a Southern flair, Takeoff was the technical glue, a stealthy operator who often moved under the radar but whose verses could unexpectedly blow your mind.

What became known as the iconic “Migos flow” was defined in large part by Takeoff’s razor-blade precision, and his unique ability to shift his speed and cadence without losing any of the sharpness of his rhymes. Their rapid-fire patter wasn’t a completely new invention—Three 6 Mafia and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony had developed similar deliveries years before—but the trio’s densely packed bars and chopper-like flows were remarkably different from what most Atlanta rappers were doing in the early 2010s.

Just Take Off and Quavo released a joint album Only Built for Infinity Links. The two also appeared on the podcast Drink Champs, Big Facts  last month, and Takeoff took stock of his trajectory and where he was headed. “I’m chill, I’m laid-back,” he said. But “it’s time to give me my flowers.” 

Dam some of the last moments were captured, who would’ve know the third Migo would be gunned down shortly after.

Police received a call of a shooting in progress around 2:34 a.m. local time, Houston Police Department Chief Troy Finner said at a news conference. Officers arrived to the 810 Billiards & Bowling Houston where there was a private party and found a dead man at the scene. Finner identified the deceased man as Takeoff of the rap group Migos. The news was a blow to the hip-hop community, not to mention still recovering from the fatal shooting of rapper PnB Rock in September.

What we don have is the levels of Takeoff creating. His music will

forever live . Make sure you listen to his catalog. Check out one my favorites “JEALOUSY” at the link below . Long Live the fan’s favorite Migo