Pusha T’s pen game is one of the most respected in Hip Hop, he admitted that lyrics don’t matter that much to him anymore.
“Lyricism in Hip Hop today, for me, isn’t as important,” he told XXL. “But that’s the Hip Hop that I know how to make. Being in the game so long and being outside so long, I’ve learned to appreciate other forms of hip-hop, younger forms of hip-hop.”
This isn’t the first time that Push talked about the difference between today’s rap music and the Hip Hop that he grew up on. In a 2015 interview, he defended groups like Rae Sremmurd and said he’s learned to appreciate their music.
“It’s the flows, the melodies. It’s the actual song structure,” he said. “They make songs that I can’t make, literally. I wouldn’t make those songs, but I know how to enjoy their music fully… They make records that work on the radio. A lot of times records that work on the radio have a level of corniness to me. I don’t feel like their records are corny.”
What about you? Do you still care about rappers being able to spit?