Knowing that the anniversary of Bryant’s death will be emotional for everyone, Lakers coach Frank Vogel decided to is give his players the day off to allow them to better manage their grief and honor their late teammate Bryant

It’s not a day remembrance like his birthday,” Vogel said. “It’s more of a somber-tone-type-of-day.”

Today is a start to remember, most people still don’t believe it. This year, we celebrate the first annual Kobe Bryant Day on August 24.

Kobe Bryant was more than a basketball player; to many aspiring athletes and children growing up in Los Angeles and around the world, he was an inspiration and a cultural icon. On the day his numbers meet (8 and 24), we celebrate the life and talent that was Kobe Bryant and that of his daughter, Gianna, whose promising life was cut short. Jan. 26, 2020, the Sikorsky S-76B helicopter killing Kobe Bryant and others.

In his NBA career, Kobe Bryant won 5 championships, earned an NBA record 15 selections for All-NBA teams and 12 for All-Defensive teams. He has also led the league in scoring twice, won the Slam Dunk challenge and got 4 All-Star Game MVPs in 18 appearances.

As long as we have a platform will continue to educate and honor our culture leader and icon Kobe Bryant.

He won his Season MVP in 2007-08, won the Finals MVP in the next two years and the list of his achievements goes on, so we have prepared this table with a summary of his main achievements year by year.