Marketplace  StockX continues to expand, making a series of exciting announcements at StockX Day event in Detroit.

It’s first ever brick-and-mortar location, set to open its doors at Lafayette Street in New York. In the past few months, StockX has tested certain drop-off locations in cities such as Los Angeles, London and of course NY allowing sellers to drop off their sneakers and streetwear for on-site authentication and payment processing. Those services will be the foundation of the new NYC location, which will also serve as an experiential space that affords customers the opportunity to experience and engage with the brand offline.

StockX also announced plans to open its fifth authentication center in Eindhoven in the south Netherlands later this summer or early fall. The move is being made as a way to improve the experience of the company‚Äôs international user base of millions. StockX will hire more than 100 people to work at the center.