2016, it’s said that Yo Gotti got paid 20 racks to feature on a Young Fletcher track. According to a lawsuit filed against him by Fletcher’s manager Michael Terry, Gotti then refused to release the song, and instead recorded a similar one of his own. In addition to that, it’s said he tried to go behind Terry’s back and poach Young Fletcher on a 150K deal.

Last year, Gotti was allegedly served with that lawsuit. But he never responded.  So the judge hit him with a $2.2 million judgment in absentia last month. Then the judge tripled that to $6.6 million because Gotti engaged in”willful, unfair, and deceptive acts.”

That got Gotti’s attention, and he appealed that judgment and finally showed up in court this week. Gotti stressed he wasn’t technically served because a security guard intercepted the paperwork from the Forsyth County Sherriff’s Officer who attempted to deliver it to him at one of his past shows.

However, seems as if the judge didn’t care for that and upheld the $6.6 million. 

 “Yo Gotti learned today that my lawyers don’t play, but we should’ve sat down and got this resolved as businesssmen,” Terry said to the Winston-Salem Journal. “I got great artists, and we could put something together where we all win. The opportunity still stands.”

To me I don’t believe That was Gotti’s intent but who am I? This was posted only to educate the readers of how the music game can sometime work

Do you think Yo Gotti really intended to snub the Carolina Artist