It’s been a bumpy road, but Lil Wayne and Birdman are all good these days.

“I got one thing I want to ask, I would like to do a Like Father, Like Son 2,” Birdman requested.

“Man, come on. You ain’t got to ask. Come on, man, that was not a question. Man, come on, man. You know I’m going to send you six joints for you to put the verses to them. You know how I do, man,” Wayne responded.

If the sequel does go down, it will be Birdman’s swansong as a rapper.
You know I’m done rapping. Rapping ain’t for me no more, I’m done with that sh*t. I like to make rappers, that’s what I do. Real rap. So, I just want it to be my little farewell thing,” Baby explained.
Would Like Father, Like Son 2 be something you’d be interested in?

Baby did Wayne’s Friday night podcast Young Money Radio last night, and during the chat they seemed to make plans to follow up their 2006 joint album Like Father, Like Son.