Burnt remnants of a stolen Jackie Robinson bronze statue were found Tuesday inside a trash can at a Kansas park, authorities said.

Pieces of the statue were dumped in the garbage and lit on fire at Garvey Park in Wichita, police spokesperson said during a press conference streamed by KWCH.

Fire fighters were called to the scene around 8:40 a.m. Tuesday and made the discovery after putting out the trash can flames.

This was a heartbreaking discovery this morning,” Wichita Councilman Brandon Johnson said during the press conference. “I hate to see that the statue was not in one piece, but I do want everyone to know that we are undeterred in making sure that that statue gets rebuilt and put back there.

”Most of the statue vanished last Thursday night after it was cut by the ankles at the League 42 baseball fields in McAdams Park, which is also home to the Jackie Robinson Pavilion.

The Bronze figure honors Major League Baseball’s first player to step over the color barrier in 1947. Robinson  signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers and dominated the sport all around. No arrests have been made as of yet. ——Good Grief