Nellzo delivers another Timeless visual after this unforgetable summer of 2020. Inspired by american rapper fabolous song “Cold Summer” which became a viral challenge through out social media during the covid19 shut down. Nellzo decides to accept the challenge and provides a freestyle on his instagram page. Now its Sept 22nd the last day of summer, Nellzo couldnt help but to deliver a presentation describing these times of 2020 through his perspective…

Nellzo returns to miami florida where he is found quarentined in his SLS LUX penthouse and also posted on the streets of overtown and wynwood area. He touch bases about the pandemic, covid19, trump, police brutality, and

Black Lives Matter. Nellzo pays homage to Kobe, Nipsey Hussel & Popsmoke and all the people who passed away due to the virus.

In the memory of John Lewis.

“Somtimes Change Calls For Good Trouble”