REFORM Alliance — the criminal justice reform org launched by Jay-ZMeek MillMichael Rubin and others — is celebrating its first major victory with CA Gov. Gavin Newsom signing a new bill into law.

Newsom just put pen to paper on AB 1950 … legislation which will drastically reshape Cali’s probation system and give hundreds of thousands of Californians a better shot at exiting the criminal justice system for good.

Specifically, the new law limits adult probation sentences to a maximum of 1 year for misdemeanor, and 2 years for felony offenses. The theory is that will greatly reduce probation violations. REFORM campaigned hard for the bill, generating more than 3,000 emails to Newsom’s

When notorious things happen like we can’t look past this. From the GGMPRO company we honor and respect the leaders of today salute to the REFORM Alliance